Aiming To End Homelessness

Ending homelessness is not a simple task, especially for those suffering for extended periods. The Daydreamer Initiative is built on the idea that pairing individuals with their personal dreams and aspirations helps to overcome life’s hurdles. In order to do so, you first need food, shelter and sustainability.

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Daydreamer Hierarchy Of Needs Pyramid. Prioritise food, then shelter, then sustainability, then employment and then long-term growth.

Feed The Hungry

Through our network of support organisations, we want to ensure that nobody goes hungry.
Food is a fundamentally a motivator, good food makes us wish to aspire for more and greater things, whereas a lack of food can be disheartening and demotivating. To be able to contemplate life on a full-stomach is often a blessing.

House The Homeless

With the aim of housing all of the homeless that currently do not have a place to call home.
We want to ensure that nobody has to call the streets their home, to live in dark alleyways, to sleep on cold park benches, to pitch up a tent against the elements.
Ideally, to provide a warm place to call home, a safe haven, somewhere for a hot bath/shower and individuals can cook and eat in peace.

Get Back To Work

Work creates lasting financial stability and sustainability to buy food and pay for rent.
Unfortunately, homeless individuals tend to find it harder to access employment due to an extended gap in their employment history and the inability to take on work while being homeless. Being house gives them the opportunity to apply to work, freshen up and go to work to continue to receive the financial rewards of employment.

Become Self Sustaining

With adequate housing and financial stability, any other ongoing issues can be resolved.
With the homelessness taking its toll both emotionally and physically, often there are other underlying factors that require address, including substance misuse, a lack of belongings and ongoing mentoring and support to reduce chances of a relapse into homelessness or criminality.
Other ongoing support and training involving improving awareness of financial management and personal growth potential.

Be The Best You

Achieving individual personal goals and aspiring for long-term growth enables improvement.
With the belief that everyone can potentially be the best version of their future selves, we aim to ongoingly work with and train individuals to see the best in themselves whilst also consistently gaining new skills. Being the best you could involve being Healthier, Smarter or Stronger…


Image of RIchard Narayan Founder of the Dayderamer Initiative looking up to the left

Richard Narayan

Founder / Daydreamer

I believe that nobody should be homeless and nobody should go without food or shelter.
Within a world of abundance where some have so much, it is heart-breaking to see some have so little.

If there is any way in which I can support people back into a normal way of life and transition to being the best version of themselves, then I will make it my life’s work to do so.

I figured, if you have to have a job, do something that brings you joy and do something which improves the lives of others. That is why I started this project. To change the world, even if just for one person.

You Could Help Change Someones World

Changing the world is very simple.
Most people think too big when they think of changing the world.

By making a positive impact in the life of a single person, you fundamentally change the world,.
Even if it is just for that one person.

Help us help those who cannot often help themselves onto a better path.
If you like, we can even let you know how your referral progressed.
We want to change as many worlds as possible over the course of our endeavour.

Our 3 Core Services

Help With Food

Whether rough sleeping, in supported accommodation, elderly, disabled or unable to afford foods, we will find a way if we can to support you.

Help With Housing

If not housed and rough sleeping, facing homelessness or currently sofa surfing, if you get in touch, we will see how we can help.

Help With Work

If you are homeless and in search of work and wishing to better yourself through your own initiative, we would love to see how we can assist.

A Scrolling List Of Our Services

Business Enquiries

Get In Touch For Further Information

There are numerous ways in which you can get involved and help change the world…
It is only by working together as a collective that we can ever create lasting positive change.
We would love to connect with ANY and ALL businesses who would like to support individuals into a better way of life.


We love hearing from you so visit the contact us page anytime