Our Aim: To Find Your Dream Job

To be working and sustainable, to be able to buy food for one’s self and pay rent and enjoy the benefits of a capitalist society, one needs to be employed. In order to generate revenue and survive beyond break-even, otherwise falling into debt and creating unsustainable circumstance.

Unfortunately, finding employment for the long-term homeless and rough sleepers is not easy and there are other factors often to consider.

Getting homeless people back into work was part of the founding principle of the Daydreamer Project and Daydreamer Initiative, so we will endeavour to create as many long-term opportunities as possible.

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Should paid work not immediately be available, volunteer roles and work-trials in order to improve routine and work-ethic shall be explored.

Hopefully by showcasing talents/abilities, employers will be more open to the idea of taking on homeless persons as part of their long-term workforce.

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Full-time work may not immediately be available, however temping and working for multiple employers may improve transferable skills and improve your overall employability.

Temp work often does lead to full-time work and existing staff are normally progressed into full-time roles.

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Full-Time Work

The goal is achievement is to achieve full-time work or working hours that supports a healthy and productive lifestyle over an extended period.

Working Monday-Friday, daytimes, evenings, weekends, whichever best suits you, we will try and find you a matching employer.

Next Steps

Incoming Referral

Upon receiving the referral, we will confirm receipt via telephone/email and contact you to advise of next steps.

We would ask that you be patient due to the high demand for the service at present.

Access Service Network

Working with our partner organisations, we will advise you of availability of opportunities.

We will try our best to help. This service is based on uptake of employers, as such we are continuously trying to increase support for you.

Deliver Great Service

We will aim to ensure all aspects of our service are equal, friendly and inclusive.

We aim to support into your employment transition ongoingly, we aim to ensure you do not require our support for the long-term.

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Give Somebody A Chance And Save 50%

Sometimes it takes a little faith to create opportunity. So we’ve incentivised the option to create a little more faith for those who need it the most.

So we’ve managed to get you 50% off all job postings and packages for sponsors and partners.

Want To Sign Up As An Employer?

If you are an employer who would hire the homeless or know of any organisations, please get in touch.

You may proactively look to hire the homeless, or know of organisations whom may be open to the idea.

You may possibly help change a life.


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