Our Aim: Nobody Goes Hungry

Food is the first pillar of our aim in creating long-term improvement.

Working with our partner networks, we want to reduce food wastage and ensure nobody has to go hungry. We want to ensure access to food in times of poverty is available when needed. Whether sleeping rough or in a family home, there should never be the shortage of sustenance. We will work with you to help rebuild lives on a full stomach and see how we can facilitate long-term growth and boost ambition..

The only guarantee we can make is that we will try our best and to help direct you to further assistance where possible.

Hot/Cold Meal Packs

Where possible, we will aim to have some form of hot/cold food parcel prepared on a short-term basis.

This is often volunteer/donation led, and we are grateful to all those involved.

Soup Kitchens/Street Food

Where available, we may direct you to indoor/outdoor food access facilities to gain a hot/cold meal.

Not all locations have such services, so this will depend on availability.

Food Banks

We are grateful to foodbanks for being able to donate/share food with those less fortunate.
Where available, we may request you access a foodbank to gain readymade or fresh food items.

Next Steps

Incoming Referral

Upon receiving the referral, we will confirm receipt via telephone/email and contact you to advise of next steps.

We would ask that you be patient due to the high demand for the service at present.

Access Service Network

Working with our partner organisations, we will advise you of availability of food.

We will try our best to help. As this service is based on donations, there is never any guarantee and it will be area/availability dependent.

Deliver Great Service

We will aim to ensure all aspects of our service are equal, friendly and inclusive.

We aim to support you ongoingly to ensure you do not require food support for the long-term.

Want To Donate Food?

If you’d like to get involved, but not sure how, you could always donate food.
Whether on a small scale from a few cans to large scale corporate giving, every little helps…
Feel free to get in touch.


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