Our 3 Approaches

Daydreamer Hierarchy Of Needs Pyramid. Prioritise food, then shelter, then sustainability, then employment and then long-term growth.

Type 1

Once access to food is available for the long-term homeless, housing is a priority, followed by establishing other underlying issues, then seeking work and further allowing them to grow.

Daydreamer Hierarchy Of Needs Pyramid. Prioritise food, then shelter, then employment, then sustainability and then long-term growth.

Type 2

Once access to food is available for the long-term homeless, housing is a priority, if employable, then refer for work, while continuing to support and further allowing them to grow.

Daydreamer Hierarchy Of Needs Pyramid. Prioritise food, then sustainability, then shelter, then employment and then long-term growth.

Type 3

In the event that accommodation cannot be immediately sourced, training/development to become employable is an avenue for achieving rental income and later working on overall growth.

The Theory Was Relative

This is built on what I was once taught. A principle taught in a numerous subject ranging from business, marketing, psychology, sociology. A common name that tends to come up is Abraham Maslow; he proposed simply that humans require have a hierarchy of needs. Needs range from basic needs to higher level needs. Once the basic level needs are met, you ‘level up’ and potentially aspire to achieve the higher needs. Fundamentally eventually as an individual you reach your peak/full potential; at least that’s the idea and principle.

Maslows Hierarchy of Neds

Ensuring Food Is Accessible By All

Food is a luxury not all are blessed to have. We want to ensure that nobody goes hungry at night and nobody goes without food.

The homeless have to deal with hunger on a daily basis. We want to ensure that as a minimum, in this world of abundance, that all people have food.


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Getting The Homeless Into Shelter/Housing

Having a warm bed at night, a hot shower in the morning and a place to call home is a luxury a few only dream of.

We want to ensure that everyone has somewhere to call home, somewhere safe, to stay dry, away from the elements and be able to build a life for themselves.


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Laptop showing a rough sleeper in a subway with a logo in the bottom right hand corner showing prayer hands with a star
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Assisting The Homeless Into Employment

Without a job, someone would always remain homeless. We want to get the homeless back into work and training and be able to improve their own lives progressively.

Given the opportunity, one would climb the work ladder and join the corporate hierarchy, if just given the chance. Often, ability is nothing without opportunity.


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Creating Sustainable Futures

Often individuals fall on hard times and it is not just the homeless that require help and support of food banks and other such services.

In order to get back on your feet, we want to help those whom are struggling to make ends meet find strategic direction in being able to better themselves while actively being supported.


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Laptop showing a sign that reads, "Never look down on anyone unless you're helping them up" with a homeless man in a sleeping bag beside.

Offering Ongoing Support

Emergency Packs

Toiletries, food and other amenities that are donated can be used towards providing care packages to users in emergency circumstances.


Recycled, unsold and out of season clothing can often be used to help those who can’t always afford to replace clothes.

Image of boxes packed and stacked

Household Essentials

Supporting service users moving into properties whom have no belongings or appliances can be overwhelming, so donations and support goes a long way.

Mental Health Support

Physical health tends to take precedent, however motivation, coping mechanisms, anxieties and mental wellness comes from within.


Train for a professional role or get qualified for a particular role. Training and development helps overcome barriers to entry into employment.

Substance Support

Avoidance strategies and coping mechanisms such as substance abuse can be quite common. Help is out there for those in need.

Beneifts Advice

Temporarily accessing benefits to provide a safety net while one gets back on their feet and into employment can be complicated..

Legal Support

Support in legal matters to be able to overcome potential hurdles into housing and employment.

Runner running on open road

Health & Fitness

Improving the body, it’s intake and creating healthier, active individuals, improving living standards and aspirations.

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Being The Best You Can Be

To have a goal and a dream and something to aspire for and to be the best version of yourself is a continuous daily mantra and ideology.

Often one cannot be the best version of themselves while homeless or facing poverty, creating stepping stones for growth, we advocate being the best you can be.


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Feel Free To Get Involved

If You have a passion for helping people and are saddened by the plight of the homeless, feel free to get in touch to donate any food or wanted items that may go to good use and potentially help save lives.