Our Aim: To Create Sustainability

To improve a mindset and receive ongoing support where needed to get you into a better place emotionally and physically. To support you with our partner network to ensure you can continually grow to one day be the best version of yourself.

If we do not have the answer, we will endeavour to find the answer for you and direct you accordingly.

Sometimes we do not ask for support/assistance when we need it most, especially in terms of mental health; know that you are not alone.

Laptop showing a sign that reads, "Never look down on anyone unless you're helping them up" with a homeless man in a sleeping bag beside.
Table of brown paper bags with unknown contents depicting emergency packs

Emergency Packs

Providing those most in need with emergency packs of either food, clothing, toiletries or general essentials where needed.

Image of clothing on rails, mixed jeans and a variety of garments


Providing clothing to those whom otherwise would not be in a position to buy new or replace old clothes which may have seen better days

Image of boxes packed and stacked

Household Essentials

Crockery, cutlery, and household appliances and household essential are a necessity when moving into a property for the first time

Scrabble pieces with the words mental health spelt out

Mental Health support

One of the most important areas of our health we neglect to often talk about or address as ongoing issues. Keeping things inside can be harmful.

Womans hand on laptop, coffee beside with the screen depicting online training course


A variety of transferable skills, whether for daily life, financial, work-related or personal management

Scattered prescription pills

Substance Support

Sometimes admitting you have a problem is the hardest step to take, and then reducing counter-productive activities

Stack of forms

Benefits Advice

Support in completing forms and accessing benefits temporarily where entitled in support transition into housing

Image of book  and gavel

Legal Assistance

Case workers and legal guidance for those whom would otherwise lack the resources and adequate knowledge of representation

Runner running on open road

Health And Fitness

Healthy mind, healthy body.
Healthy body, healthy mind.
It’s all about discipline and self-improvement through nutrition and exercise.

Ongoing Support Enquiry Form

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Next Steps

Incoming Referral

Upon receiving the referral, we will confirm receipt via telephone/email and contact you to advise of next steps.

We would ask that you be patient due to the high demand for the service at present.

Access Service Network

Working with our partner organisations, we will advise you of accessibility of services

As some of these service are based on donations, there is never any guarantee and it will be area/availability dependent. We will try our best to help.

Deliver Great Service

We will aim to ensure all aspects of our service are equal, friendly and inclusive.

We aim to assist you in your time of need, ideally we want to ensure you do not require our services for the long-term.

Want To Get Involved?

If you are an individual/organisation based in any of the above mentioned areas, please do get in touch.

The more support we have, the greater a package we can offer the end user.

Together we can change lives.


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